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Alternative Energy (Bio Gas)
Ueno Fine Chemicals Industry (Thailand) Ltd. has initiated the use of bio-gas by utilizing methane, a by-product from wastewater treatment, as an alternative energy, to reduce the use of natural gas which is the main fuel for steam production used in the production process and to reduce the amount of methane, one of the causes of global warming at present in the atmosphere.
Water Preservation (Reused Water)
One more thing that Ueno Fine Chemicals Industry (Thailand) Ltd. foresees and pays much attention to is the preservation of water, a resource invaluable to the subsistence of humans. The Company has ensured that water is used carefully and for the optimal result. One of its major policies is to recycle water, which allows for not only water preservation and reduced water-related expenses but also for limiting the amount of water that enters the water treatment process.
Electrical Energy Preservation
Under the principle of environmental management and with a significant assessment of the characteristics of environmental problems, the Company has provided work plans and control measures to limit environmental impact. One of them is the preservation of electrical energy.
The Company has established a clear guidance in the implementation of electrical energy preservation through establishing measures and guidelines practices, inspecting and controlling the operation of related equipment and machinery in individual work units. Its aim is that each machine will be maintained to consume electrical energy per unit of productivity at the preset level. Such measures and guidelines have been adapted from the principle of continuous improvement within the policy framework of the environmental management system (ISO 14001).
Dust Control
As the production process of powder products results in a lot of dust, giving rise to pollution in the workplace and the vicinity, the problem has been addressed for corrective guidance using equipment called the Dust Collector and by devising a routine maintenance plan for the collector to operate efficiently at all times. This solution can well reduce dust contamination in the surroundings.
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