Shelf Life Extension

This product extends the shelf life of food products by adjusting the pH level and inhibiting microbes’ growth. It can be used with a variety of food types; meat, seafood, other processed products and confectionery and bakery products and so on.

The company constantly develops to retain food deliciousness without changing any food properties.

UENO’s unique technology made into the KEEP LONG-SAF product extends shelf life and maintain food quality by adjusting the pH level.

When raw foods (meat, seafood, bread) are directly exposed to acid, the quality of food is changed. UENO’s acid coating technology enables to adjust pH of food with keeping food quality.

Suitable for confectionery and bakery products and ready to eat products etc.

Type Size
Carton Box (1 kg x 20 Bags) 20 kg
It is a food additive that extends shelf life of foods.

Suitable for meat, seafood and ready to eat foods and so on.

Type Size
Carton Box (1 kg x 20 Bags) 20 kg
Classification Food Process Product
Meat Sausage, Ham Mixing SAF, RTE
Seafood Crab Stick, Fish Ball Mixing SAF, RTE
Frozen Seafood, Seasoned Seafood Soaking RTE
Ready-to-eat food Fried Food (Pork, Chicken, Fish, Shrimp) Soaking RTE
Pre-dust, Batter mix SAF, RTE
Roasted Chicken (Yakitori) Soaking, Seasoning Sauce RTE, B-SS
Hamburg Steak, Okonomiyaki,
Takoyaki, Rolled Cabbage, Stewed Pork
Mixing SAF, RTE
Meat Bun, Dumpling
Bakery Bread, Cake Mixing SAF
Others Pickle Seasoning Sauce RTE
Noodle Mixing RTE
Edamame Soaking RTE, FN2

These products are also used for other food applications. Please contact us.

It is a mixture of organic acid and other food additives which helps to reduce the growth speed of microorganisms in food. Adding to foods affect to longer shelf life of food.
We has started to produce and sell since year 2013, by the concept “To replace or reduce preservative in food”. So we selected the best of shelf life extension product from hundreds of formulation from UENO Group in Japan.
UENO has 3 kinds of shelf life extension products such as Preservative, pH Adjuster and Shelf life improver.
Different from active ingredients, which help to extend shelf life, in each formulation.
Use in various type of foods such as bakery and confectionary products, processed foods and ready to eat.
1 Year
Suggest to use 0.3% - 0.6% of all ingredient weight. (Anyway its depend on recipe and type of foods)
Using shelf life extension product in food does not affect to food color.
Packing size : 20 kg/box
(Inside box: 1 kg x 20 bags)
*This information is based on laws and ordinances in Thailand.