Privacy policy for employees

UENO FINE CHEMICALS INDUSTRY (THAILAND), LTD. (“WE”), we recognize that employees expect a high level of privacy and security for their personal information and will keep such information confidential to conform to the law, practices about privacy policy. Therefore, we have set out policies, regulations and rules for us.

1.Collection and Safekeeping of Personal Data

“Personal Data” is data that can directly or indirectly identify you, i.e.

Personal data that we collect, use and/or disclose are such as



1.Personal Information

Name, Surname, Date of Birth, Age, National Identification Number, Passport Number;

2.Contact Information

Address, Telephone, E-mail;

3.Financial Information

Salary, Account, Financial History;

4.Transaction Information

Payments of Cooperative, Payments of Provident fund, Borrowings about Student Loan Fund;

5.Other Information

Leave History, Social Security Rights, Accident insurance, Tax filing;

2.Privacy Source

Personal data that you give directly to us, personal data received or accessed by us from other sources not directly from you. For example, government entities, etc. We will collect data from other sources only when your consent is given as consistent with laws unless where necessary for us as permissible under laws.

Sensitive Data is personal data that is specially categorized by law and will be collected, used and/or disclosed by us only when we have obtained explicit consent from you or where necessary for us as permissible under law. We may collect, use and/or disclose biometric identifiers e.g. fingerprint recognition, data on criminal records, health data, data on disability, sexual behavior, etc. We shall collect, use and/or disclose sensitive personal data provided that we have been given explicit consent by you or permitted by law. This shall be undertaken on a case-by-case basis when we are required to collect sensitive personal data from you. 

3.Purposes of Collecting, using and/or disclosing, your Personal Data 

We will collect your personal data for your benefits in using about only operations and for performing legal obligations required by any law applicable to us or you; and for any purposes provided in this policy, as follows;

4.Personal Data Processing 

When we receive your personal data, we manage your personal data as follows;




Processing Base

1. Personnel recruitment

We shall use your data to evaluate the function and responsibility of our job description of us and interview you when you apply for a job directly to us or our website.

We will collect data about the contract and other data to confirm your name, gender, address, telephone, birthday, e-mail, national identification number, work experience, study experience, and others.

Legitimate Interest

2. Personnel recruitment on website

We collect resumes for interviews by information of you directly and/or come from uploading your data on the website.

Legitimate Interest

3. Assessment

We shall evaluate whether your appropriate shall be work or not. We may have tests or questions about personality or others.

Legitimate Interest

4. Check before employing

We may check about criminal profilers and your data given to us etc.

Legal Obligation/

Legitimate Interest

5. Rights and equity

We may manage your personal data including disclosing nationality, age, religion, gender etc by accessing data strictly.

Legal Obligation/

Legitimate Interest

6. Data period of time after interview

If you fail to interview in job postings, We shall keep your personal data for 6 months in the future. We may contact you again for acceptance to work.

Legitimate Interest

 4.2 Employee



Processing Base

1.Employer Status

Manage function and responsibility, rating, changes about work of you, welfare, knowledge development (Training, Certifications) including advice other about this purpose. 

We shall manage information conform to employee contract as start work, place of work,  leave, etc.


2.Pay and welfare

Data about Pay and Welfare including tax payments and social security.

We may disclose your personal data to another person for the contact you directly or you register with him directly, for you to receive offers when you died, accident, other benefits to another person.


Legal Obligation

3.Check and manage complaints

About manage and check works, talent, leave, complaint, tort, appeal, inquiry and process works of HR formal or not formal as changes works or other of contract.


4.Process of HR

Use and manage the record of employees and follow employee contracts and service contracts between the company and you.


5.Consultation about employee representatives

Consultation with employee representatives such as labor union.

Legal Obligation

6.Health and safe 

      Manage information such as leave and/or about physical health and mental health for assessing deficiency of body about pay or welfare including help from being sick, work injuries, we may inform with oral or written among you work with us.

Legal Obligation/

Legitimate Interest


We may accept contact from other employees in case we are named as a referral.

Legitimate Interest

8.Rights and equity

We may manage your personal data including disclosing nationality, age, religion, gender etc. by accessing data strictly.

Legal Obligation/

Legitimate Interest


Check and make a concerned document to take necessary steps for legitimate interests or other individual or juristic person as Labor Protection Act, Labor Relation Act, Compensation Act, Student Loan Fund Act, etc.

Legal Obligation/

Legitimate Interest

10.Government request

We may take necessary to the Government request and may disclose the personal data to a court or other organization.

Legal Obligation

11.Relationship between supplier with employee

We may disclose your personal data to the supplier for they may serve us and/or the customer of the company.

Legitimate Interest

12.Case management 

We maintain complaint handling for you the change or join the event or use the right.

Legitimate Interest

13.Reward for employee 

Bonus, Gold for Years’ experience.

Legitimate Interest

14.Financial management 

Manage finance, accounts, and plan for the further.

Legitimate Interest

15.Protection or criminal record

We may collect personal data to protect or find any illegal activity, enter our office suite record images from CCTV and implement technical measures and organizational measures to ensure appropriate security in the personal data processing and preventing personal data breaches.

Legal Obligation/

Legitimate Interest

16.Report and business analysis

We may collect personal data such as images report of the year or surveys for evaluation, to anonymize your personal data.

Legitimate Interest

4.3 Resign of Employee




1.Collect Personal Data

When you decide to resign, we may use your personal data to manage necessary of us or support about obligations inhere.

Legal Obligation/

Legitimate Interest

2.Administration of business

We may collect your personal data about your knowledge in work after you resign for business support about obligation inhere.

Legal Obligation/

Legitimate Interest

3.Request or dispute

We may manage any request or dispute with you or another person including accident from work under law or request and/or dispute.

Legal Obligation/

Legitimate Interest

4.Obligation with another person

To manage with the employ of you as Government etc.  


Legal Obligation

5. Disclose your Personal Data

We may disclose your personal data to another person to the extent permissible under your content or law. The persons or entities receiving such data will collect, use, and/or disclose the personal data to the extent permissible under your content or related to this policy.

5.1 Within company
– HR Manager and Team
– Directors, managers

5.2 Other
– The Revenue Department
– Credit union
– Provident fund
– Student Loan Fund
– Judicial order or summons
– Social Security Office
– Your hospital
– Insurance company

6. Protect your Personal Data

For retention of your personal data, we implement technical measures and organizational measures to ensure appropriate security in personal data processing and prevent personal data breaches. We have set out policies, rules and regulations on personal data protection, e.g. security standards of information technology and measures to prevent data receivers from using or disclosing the data outside the purposes or without authorization or unlawfully. We have amended the policy, rule and regulation as frequently as necessary and appropriate.

7. Time period to Protect Personal Data

We will keep your personal data for the necessary period while you are our employee or for as long as it is necessary to achieve the objectives related to this policy by specifying the period as follows.





Name, Address, Telephone, E-mail, Image, Fingerprint Recognition;

10 years


Hospital and Medical History

5 years


Family History

5 years


Study History

5 years


Work History

5 years



5 years


Leave History

5 years


Tax filling History

5 years


Pay to Credit union History

5 years


Pay to Provident fund History

5 years


Pay to Student  Loan Fund

5 years


Accident Insurance

5 years


Social Security

5 years

8. Your Rights Related to Personal Data

Your rights described here are legal rights that you should be informed. You may exercise any of these rights within legal requirements and policies at the present or as amended in the future as well as regulations set out by us. 

8.1 Right to the withdraw consent

If you have given consent to us to collect, use and/or disclose your personal data (whether before or after the effective date of the Personal Data Protection Law), you have the right to the withdraw such consent at any time throughout the period your personal data available to us unless it is restricted by laws or you are still under beneficial contract.

8.2 Right of Access

You have the right to access your personal data that is under our responsibility; to request us to make a copy of such data for you, and to request us to reveal how to obtain your personal data.

8.3 Right to data portability

You are entitled to request your personal data which has been processed to be in a format that can be read or used in general with an automated device or equipment and can be used or disclosed via automated methods. You are also entitled to request us to send or transfer your personal data of said format to other data controllers if it can be processed via the automated method, and to request personal data of said format which is directly sent or transferred by us to other data controllers unless it cannot be processed due to technical difficulties.

8.4 Right to object

You are entitled to lodge an objection to the collection, use or disclosure of your personal data at any time. If the collection, use or disclosure of your personal data, to which you lodge an objection, is undertaken under the legitimate interest of us or any person or any juristic person, or for public benefit, we shall continue to collect, use and / or disclose your personal data only if we can provide legal reasons that the collection, use and / or disclosure of your personal data is sufficiently important, or is undertaken for the establishment, defense, use of, or compliance with, the rights to claim in accordance with applicable law, as the case may be.

8.5 Right to deletion or destruction

 You are entitled to request us to delete or destroy your personal data or make it anonymous if you believe that your personal data has been collected, used and / or disclosed illegitimately, which is not in compliance with applicable laws or if you deem that it is no longer necessary for us to keep your personal data under the objectives of this policy or when you exercise your right to withdraw consent or your right to object as mentioned earlier.

8.6 Right to suspension

You are entitled to request us to suspend the use of personal data if we are conducting an investigation per your request to exercise your right to rectification or right to object, or for any other case wherein it is no longer necessary for us to keep your personal data and we must delete or destroy your personal data in accordance with applicable laws, but you have sought to request us to suspend the use of your personal data instead.

8.7 Right to rectification

You are entitled to rectify your personal data to keep it accurate, up-to-date, complete and not misleading.

8.8 Right to lodge a complaint 

You are entitled to lodge a complaint to relevant competent authorities if you believe that the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data violates or does not comply with applicable laws.
Exercising the aforementioned rights may be restricted by applicable laws, and, in certain cases, there may be compelling reasons that may cause us to deny your request or may prevent us from complying with your requests such as in compliance with laws or court orders, for the public benefit, exercising the aforementioned rights may potentially violate other persons’ rights or freedoms, etc. If we deny an aforementioned request, we shall give you the reason(s) for such denial.You can submit your request to exercise your rights. We will manage within 15 days.

9. Will we rectify or revise this policy?           

We may consider rectifying, revising or changing this policy from time to time, as deemed appropriate and permitted by law. In case of rectification or revision of or change in this policy, we will announce the current policy on our website 

10. How can you contact us and the data protection officer?             

If you have any suggestions or would like to inquire about information regarding details of the collection, use and / or disclosure of your personal data including exercising your rights under this policy, you can contact us. In addition, you can contact the data protection officer by email at email address :                                                                                                                         

 Head office : No. 33/129 Wall Street Tower, 26th Floor, Room No. 2601, Surawong Road, Suriyawongse Sub-district, Bangrak District, Bangkok 10500 Thailand                                                        

 Tel. : (+66) 2237 0823