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Over the past years, our product manufacture has focused on safety as we believe that good health comes from consuming safe food. Accordingly, we pay attention to all processes such as raw material and packaging selection, production process control, as well as inspection, all of which assure us that the products we deliver to customers are the safest.

Raw Materials
In keeping with our belief that “The Key to Product Quality is Using Good Raw Materials”, we are meticulous at every stage to obtain raw materials of the best quality, starting with the inspection of the delivery methods of supplier at the production sources by our experts, data exchange and technology that benefits improvement and development of the production process and raw material quality control by means of modern analysis. We also have special staff who are able to contact and communicate with suppliers promptly and at all times.
Our assortment of raw materials of the highest quality and our consumer safety awareness in choosing natural raw materials has resulted in our product recognition internationally, reflecting our good collaboration with suppliers that contribute to consumer benefiting products. This is another source of our pride in promoting the growth of Thailand’s agricultural sector.
Production Process and Product Quality Inspection
With our commitment to excellence in terms of the quality of our goods and their safety, we lend great importance to our production process and product quality control. We use our proprietary technologies that are being continuously invented and developed and have passed tests in a highly efficient laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment operated by expert personnel in order to create excellence in quality and to have emphasised our excellence in safety by adopting the GMP process control at every stage, and the HACCP, for the traceability of the raw materials used, to ensure that we not only sell goods but also deliver a better quality of life to customers.
Hygienic Products for the Safety of Food Production Process
With our awareness of the importance of safe and quality food production and management, we have incorporated in to our operation in Thailand technological products for cleaning and killing microorganisms in the food production process from a Japanese affiliate of Ueno Fine Chemicals Industry Group, who has had over 40 years of experience in researching and developing hygienic products and food safety, in order to raise Thailand’s food production and food safety standard to a higher level of hygiene.
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